Houndstooth Swimwear Short
Houndstooth Swimwear Short male swim shorts
Mens swim shorts for beach Houndstooth Swimwear Short
Houndstooth Swimwear Short male beach shorts
Houndstooth Swimwear Short male swim beach and pool short shorts
Male holding beach towel wearing Houndstooth Swimwear Short


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The classic Houndstooth pattern has made a resurgence for all the right reasons. Those looking for new men’s swimwear with a neutral approach to colour but still after an eye-catching design, have found the best of both worlds with Fontainebleau’s Houndstooth swim shorts. 

Internal coverage is provided via the 100% polyester mesh lining – and the fabric is both soft and durable to withstand long days out in the sun, pool and salty waters. The material ensures these trunks repel water and dry quickly so you can be as comfortable as possible post swim. That means you can head for an ice-cream, cruise along the coast at sunset, or drop by the local beachside bar for a beverage or two without feeling that dreaded chaffing caused by moisture. 

These board shorts even contain pockets for your convenience and draw cord for easy adjustments. Being UV and chlorine resistant, the trunks are highly durable and will stand the test of time and a variety of environments.